■ ASLOC-ECP is the general term for NOZAWA's extruded cement panels manufactured under our original system developed through our long experience and research as a leading manufacturer of building materials.

■ The revolutionary progress in prefabricated construction technology demands building materials in the form of more complex components instead of as raw materials.

■ To meet these demands, NOZAWA has developed automated systems for the manufacture and quality inspection of ASLOC-ECP panels and has engaged in the research and development of advanced uses.

■ Since its introduction in 1970, ASLOC-ECP panels have been acclaimed for their excellent resistance against noise, freezing, fire, and earthquakes, and have been adopted for exterior walls and partitions of numerous office buildings, plants, and warehouses throughout Japan. NOZAWA is indeed the leading manufacturer of extruded cement panels in Japan.

■ We offer a full range of ASLOC-ECP panels including those finished with tiles or fluoric resin coating as well as those with Lock emboss designs. We also offer ASLOC-ECP panels for external insulation systems along with other application technologies.

■ We are confident our ASLOC-ECP panels will provide you excellent support in your design efforts.


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